Let's Create Your Happy Place

A landscape you'll love, season after season.

Welcome to Landscaping 2022! Today’s landscapes are more than just shrubs, grass and a few rock accents. They’re that perfect sanctuary we love to come home to every day, as well as the gathering place for family and friends.

All It Takes Is A Little Imagination To Transform Your World!

Something's Always Cooking

The kitchen is always the favorite room in any home. So why not create the perfect outdoor experience for your family and guests! Whether it’s a wood burning pizza oven or a deluxe cooking station, Meritus is ready to help you plan the perfect outdoor kitchen.

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The Perfect Retreat

Your outdoor environment is that place to let go of the stresses of the day and recharge your spirit with the most important people in your life. Let’s plan and design that perfect spot.

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Let's Rock

Hardscapes not only create practical borders around gardens, natural areas and water features, they add a timeless aesthetic. Let us show you what’s possible!

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Elevate Your Spirit

Topographical variations on your property create exciting opportunities to add texture and visual interest with retaining walls and other design possibilities.

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Memories You'll Share Forever. All In Your Backyard.

Your yard should be a perfect extension of your home, as well as your own positive outlook on the world around you.

Think about it. Your yard is one of the first things you see every morning, and that perfect oasis at the end of the day. It’s where kids and grandchildren will come to play. Let’s make it simply amazing!